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Let's celebrate cultural diversity!

Baggage is a program deployed in multiple strands to talk about immigration in schools. It gives a voice to newcomers, and raises awareness of the challenges they face. Whether you are a student, teacher or support staff, you will be touched by their resilience.

Diversity and inclusion are also values ​​shared by the Caribou à lunettes. Giving access to the resources surrounding this project was therefore obvious.

Bring Baggage to your school!

- Organize a screening of the documentary
- Invite key people from the project for a discussion
- Offer workshops

To develop a personalized project to your school's needs:

Book with the Caribou

Giving a voice to young immigrants

Baggage was first born out of a play. Mélissa Lefebvre teaches drama classes in a high school in Montreal. She noticed that there was no bridge between regular classes and reception classes. She then took up a challenge: giving a voice to these newcomers, even if they spoke neither French nor English. And the drama workshops have become a successful play.

"The situation is changing, not me. I'm staying the same."

The play has therefore become a documentary, which includes interviews with these young immigrants, aged 12 to 17. They share their story of migration and adaptation.

The film was directed by Paul Tom.

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Poems witnessing a before and after

The book Carry On: Poetry of Young Immigrants (translation of Bagages, mon histoire) brings together 15 touching and powerful poems written by teenagers who have just immigrated to Quebec. They are illustrated with magnificent portraits by the artist Rogé.

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Gives privileged access to the experiences of young immigrants
Fosters dialogue between ESL and regular classes
Values ​​the voice of immigrants
Cultivates empathy
Develops the empowerment
Forge intergenerational links



Mélissa Lefebvre


Paul Tom


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