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Yes, borrowing books in French in Detroit is possible!

Become a member of the Caribou à lunettes library and access nearly 3,500 children's books and magazines!

Visit us at
(across the Maple Theater)

Opening hours and online catalog

Who is it for?


For toddlers to teens
For French-speaking children
For those for whom French is a growing additional language
And even for adults who are fans of YA literature or who are learning French

What do we find?


Picture books, non-fiction, first readers, graphic novels, chapter books, comics, mangas, magazines.
Classics and recent releases from various French-speaking publishers.

3,500 titles to discover!
And the catalog is constantly growing!

Why subscribe?

• To foster the importance of reading, from an early age
• To enjoy reading just for fun
• To bring the French language to life, whether it is a mother tongue or a foreign language
• To connect children and students to French-speaking cultures

Because it's not always easy to cultivate another language, the Caribou creates benchmarks and offers diversified resources. Yes, it is possible to engage with the Francophone world even in a minority setting! Share the richness of Francophone cultures with other families, teachers and learners.

As parents, we want to ensure the proper development of our children. We make them participate in sports because it is important for their health. Swimming lessons, karate, gym, skiing, hockey.

"What I pay for the Caribou for the whole year represents only three months of swimming classes for my daughter." Andreanne

Investing in culture is more than affordable and it nourishes the spirit!

Individual Subscription

Let's go! Let's open the windows and go on an adventure!
Your child:

• Borrow 5 books eac time they visit the library.
• Can keep them for up to one month, or renew them for a second one if they are fond on them
• Choose their bookmark
• Chooses a poster on the day of the subscription.
• Take part in the Caribou workshops at a reduced rate.
• Want to buy their favorite books? You get 10% off your first order of new books from Le Caribou à lunettes bookshop. (excluding delivery fees)

And you can come as many times as you want in the month!

One visit per month is the equivalent of $100 worth of readings.
In one year, it will be a minimum of 60 books read, a value of $1200!

+Deposit of $75

295$/an ou 30$/mois

I subscribe on site

Large family?

The more the merrier, and the more we read!

And the pleasure is shared by 3, 4 or 5!
Each child has the same benefits listed above.

3rd child: 25% off
4th child: 50% off
5th child: FREE

+Deposit $150

Looking for flexibility?

• You can opt for the monthly subscription, to be renewed as you wish.

• Are your children currently shy readers?
They can share the 5 books of the same subscription.

• You prefer to read on the spot?
It's possible! Take advantage of the collections and choose your little reading corner. $5/hour

Are you a teacher?

How does it work?

Library Terms of Use
On a milk carton, it's the part with the fine print that gives the ingredients and nutritional values.
Not always attractive, and yet so informative!