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Meet the Caribou at conferences

  • AATF Michigan - 23 avril 2022 - Sterling Heights, MI
    AATF Michigan - 23 avril 2022 - Sterling Heights, MI

    Diversifier et moderniser l'enseignement du français
    Pas facile de renouveler ses outils quand on enseigne en milieu minoritaire. Je lancerai les du Michigan sur de nouvelles pistes, en utilisant la littérature et des ressources locales.

    L'American Association of Teachers of French a pour mission de promouvoir l'enseignement et l'apprentissage de la langue française et des cultures et civilisations francophones aux États-Unis. Elle a des antennes dans chaque état.


  • MAME 48 - October 14, 2021 - Kalamazoo, MI
    MAME 48 - October 14, 2021 - Kalamazoo, MI

    Surrounded by passionate school librarians, I will present the Bagages project as a multi-faceted program to address immigration at school. By my side will be Carrie Betts, media specialist at West Maple Elementary School, named "Model School Library 2021-22", to encourage projects with local partners.

    The Michigan Association for Media in Education supports school librarians in their mission: to create environments that promote reading and prepare students to be effective users of information and innovative users of technology.

    Baggages, a documentary by Mélissa Lefebvre and Paul Tom
    Bagages, mon histoire, un book of poetry written by young immigrants, illustrated by Rogé and published Éditions de la Bagnole
    Carry On, poetry by young immigrants, English version published by Owl Kids

    MAME 48

  • AATF Maine - October 23, 2021 - Maine
    AATF Maine - October 23, 2021 - Maine

    Teaching in a minority setting is quite a challenge!
    I will discuss it with teachers of French as a second language in Maine to offer them new avenues. It will of course be a question of books, and also of workshops and tools to make learning French even more dynamic.

    The mission of the American Association of Teachers of French is to promote the teaching and learning of the French language and of French-speaking cultures and civilizations in the United States. It has chapters in every region of the country.

    AATF Conference - Maine