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Did you say caribou?

You know it well.
It's the one working for Santa.

– It's Rudolf, the red nose reindeer?

I call it the caribou. Because I am not from Lapland.
In our region, we borrowed the term from the Indigenous. In Mi'kmaq, it is called kálibu, "the one who scrapes the ground with his paw" or "who digs with a shovel".

I like its authenticity.
It has remained wild in northern Quebec and Alaska.
We can say that it is a traveler: it can also be found in the far north of Europe and Asia. Much more docile, this one, and very useful.

He even met Mr. Mammoth!

In other words, he was able to adapt.
To the cold, to migrations, to climate change.

What panache it has!

Male or female, you have the right to your antlers.
Very long and thin, in three parts.
Usefull against the big bad wolf and bears.
Very silky in summer, covered with velvet, they fall and grow back every year.

Proud to be a caribou wearing glasses.

To my colleague Julien, thank you for giving me this nickname several years ago!

Un caribou à lunettes