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    Hello, my name is Mélissa!

    Hello, my name is Mélissa!

    I am a traveling Caribou who landed in Detroit a few years ago. Surprise: there are plenty of French-speaking families! Less fun: it's very difficult to find books in French...

    When you struggle to find resources to connect your children to your culture and you feel isolated in a foreign country, far from your bearings, I feel you!

    So I opened my boxes and a private youth library at the same time. I added creative workshops around literature, organized meetings with French-speaking authors, and did not count the time sharing advice!

    Here I am launching an online bookstore, to support parents in the United States in their search for books in French and create a space for connection with the culture.

    Because literature is shared and lived fully.


    What's a caribou?
    You said caribou?

    You said caribou?

    You know him well. He works for Santa Claus.
    - Is that the little red nosed reindeer?

    Yes! I call him a caribou. Because I'm not from Lapland.
    Back home, we borrowed the term from the Indigenous. In Mi'kmaq, it is called kálibu, "the one who scratches the ground with his paw" or "who digs with a shovel".

    I like its authenticity.
    It has remained wild in northern Quebec and Alaska.
    We can say that it is a traveler: it is also found in the far north of Europe and Asia. Much more docile, that one, and very useful.

    He even knew Mr. Mammoth!
    That is to say he knew how to adapt!
    To the cold, to migrations, to climate change.

    What a panache it has!
    Male or female, you have the right to your antlers.
    Very long and thin, in three parts.
    Practical against the big bad wolf and bears.
    Silky in summer, covered with velvet, they fall and grow back every year.

    Very proud to be a Spectacled Caribou.
    To my colleague Julien, thank you for giving me that nickname several years ago! Want to learn more ? Click here !

    Want to know more? It's this way!

    Blog posts

    • June 09, 2021 On déménage!
      On déménage!

      On déménage! d’Alice Brière-Haquet et Barroux, aborde le thème du déménagement à travers les yeux d’un enfant qui fait le tour de chez lui et dit au revoir à chacune des pièces de sa maison. Présenté comme une petite annonce, le texte ramène à l’essentiel: décrire simplement ce qui touche l’enfant. Des rimes tendres, empreintes à la fois de mélancolie mais définitivement tournées vers l’avant, sans renier le passé.

    • May 21, 2021 Derrière les yeux de Billy
      Derrière les yeux de Billy

      Billy perd tout. Et le fait un peu exprès en fait. Pour s’endurcir. Comme ça, quand elle perdra vraiment quelque chose, elle sera prête à affronter la douleur. Enfin, c’est ce qu’elle croyait, jusqu’au décès de son grand-père. Son oncle lui propose une idée qui grandira avec elle.

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