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Frequently asked questions

Where are the books sent from?

We are fans of local businesses. Unfortunately, books in French are not yet published or printed in the United States. However, we are doing as close as possible!

All our books are already in America.
○ New books are sent from Montreal by our exporting partner, Libris Express. Pascal is the king of orders and beautiful packages!

○ Used books and some new books are shipped from Detroit, MI. There, it's Mélissa who tries to do as well as Pascal.

The books are wrapped in recycled paper (which we invite you to recycle in your turn!) to ensure their trip in complete safety.

How much is shipping?

When you order titles from the online bookstore, here's how much shipping costs, calculated before taxes:

- $16 for an order up to $ 49.99
- $20 for an order up to $74.99
- $23 for an order up to $99.99
- $25 for an order up to $124.99
- Free for orders between $125 and $200

You want to order for more than $200? Wow! That is so great to look for so many new books! Send us your request at so we can find the best shipping rates for you. For special requests outside of the regular catalog, the price varies according to the weight. We will provide the information with your quote.

Why is the delivery not free?

Some people choose to factor the cost of transportation into their price.
(Let's face it, delivery is never free. " Hey carriers, why charge us for your services? All of our shipments should be free, please!")

Le Caribou has chosen to be transparent.
You know the price of the book and the price of transport.

We will not send anyone from the team to space this year. (We use our imaginations and creativity on other projects!)

We think big, but we are still humans who put their hands together in every task. The day we get ridiculous rates for books and transportation without bending over backwards, we'll make sure to pass it on to you!

What delivery services do you use?

For shipments from Canada, we use the services of UPS .
You can track your package throughout its journey. UPS handles customs and guarantees door-to-door transportation time. The carrier braves even snowstorms with courage!

Used books are shipped by Media Mail with tracking by USPS , and well packaged by our treatments!

Will I have to pay taxes and customs upon receipt of my package?

No . If you are subject to a tax, it will be collected at checkout. Customs duties are assumed by us.

No bad surprises when you receive your package!

What I'm looking for is not on your website. Can I still order it from you?

Yes! We have access to all publishers distributed in North America, whether in children's or adult books !

Are you looking for a specific title for you, your children, your students, your neighbor? Tell us and we'll find it for you. First, we check stocks and prices and give you a quote. Once your OK has been received, we will take care of sending everything to you.

A special request?
Contact us:
- by email: info@
- by direct message on Facebook and Instagram
- by the special order form here:

I would like to organize a literary tasting for the teachers of our French department. Is it possible?

With great pleasure!
The tastings are tailor-made according to your needs. It is best to talk about it in person.
Mélissa - 734-338-5758