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Le Caribou on the radio!
Interview (in French) for Matins sans frontières at Radio-Canada

Bonjour, je m’appelle Mélissa! 

I help your children and students discover the pleasure of reading in French.

I am a traveling Caribou who landed in Detroit a few years ago. Surprise: there are plenty of French-speaking families! Less pleasant surprise: it is very difficult to find books in French.

When you struggle to find resources to connect your children to your culture, and you feel isolated in a foreign country, far from your bearings, it can quickly be discouraging.

With my own children being great readers, I had to (and still must) replenish stocks regularly. So might as well share!

So I opened my boxes and a private youth library at the same time. I added literary and creative workshops for children, meetings with French-speaking authors and advice galore!

Here I am, launching an online bookstore, to support parents in the United States in their search for books, and to create a space for connection with French-speaking culture.

The Caribou also allows me to encourage authors, illustrators and publishing houses, and to help you discover them! I am nourished by the energy and creativity of the actors in the field, who are as enthusiastic as I am at the idea of ​​coming to meet you!

So the adventure continues, well surrounded by all these passionate professionals and enthusiastic readers. Looking forward to count on you too!