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Marianne Ferrer, Valérie Picard

Monsieur Ed

ISBN 9782924663066

Finally, the intrepid Amandine sets out to discover the legendary island of Toucania, in the footsteps of her grandfather. She will meet belibears, chimpathers, bats and a multitude of strange creatures that inhabit the island. But Amandine will have to act quickly, because Toucania will disappear soon! Will she find out all her secrets before it's too late?

Marianne Ferrer dazzles us with a book expressing all the richness and depth of her universe. She invites the reader to daydream and adventure through a colorful story that embodies themes dear to her heart: nature and family transmission. The text, written in collaboration with Valérie Picard, embodies the soft, tender and fiery imagination of the young illustrator. Toucania is a book for all budding explorers, young and old alike!

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