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Library Terms of use

Less exciting than a book, but still important. Read this while jumping, dancing, singing to make it fun and remember it.

Payment of the subscription

The subscription must be paid prior to consult and borrow documents, according to the rates indicated on the Caribou à lunettes website. An account is valid for a period of 1 year or 1 month depending on the subscription selected. Payment can be made by cash, cheque, bank transfer or credit card.


A deposit is required at the time of subscription to cover any unpaid invoice relating to damaged, lost or unreturned documents. This deposit will be returned to the subscriber on the date of termination of their subscription if the account has no late payment. If the subscription is renewed, the same deposit will cover the new period.


Document loans are available to members who have paid their annual or monthly subscription. Children must be accompanied by a parent or responsible adult.

Liability when borrowing

Loans are made in the name of the user for a given period. The user assumes full responsibility for loans made in their name throughout this period and until the document(s) are recorded as having been returned.

Documents and loans

Patrons may check out up to 5 documents.

Type of documents Limit on materials, duration of loans and renewals authorized
Books Quantity: 5
Duration: 30 days
Renewal: 1
 DVD Quantity: 2
Duration: 30 days

Renewal: 1

Magazines Quantity: 5
Duration: 30 days
Renewal: 1
New releases (all categories) Quantity: 1
Duration: 30 days
Renewal: 0
Reference works On-site consultation for documents marked as such


It is possible to reserve documents in person or on your online account. After sending the notice of availability, the document will be put aside for 14 days. After this time, if the subscriber has not come to pick up their document, it is placed back in the collection available to all.


It is possible to renew the loan for an additional 30 days provided that the title is not reserved by another user, or that it is not a new release.


Documents must be returned directly to the library during opening hours.


Any late return will be notified by email. Documents must be returned within 14 days of this notice, or renewed online. If the documents are not returned within this period, they will be considered lost. An invoice will be sent to the user for the replacement of the documents at the current list price including taxes and handling fees.
Non-payment of the invoice will result in immediate revocation of the subscription, and no pro-rata refund thereof.

Damaged or lost document

All documents must be returned under the same conditions as they were loaned. Any lost or damaged document must be declared to the library. If it needs to be replaced, the costs will be covered by the user, at the current list price including taxes and handling charges. Replacement items are not accepted. If you return the lost item before paying the replacement cost, Le Caribou à lunettes will waive these costs. However, no refunds will be made for the money you have already paid, even if you return the book later.

Loss of borrowing privilege

Le Caribou à lunettes reserves the right, at any time, to withdraw the borrowing privilege from any member who has overdue books, unpaid bills or does not respect the rules established in these Terms of use.

Code of conduct

Violent behavior is prohibited.
Violence is defined as follows: any act, word or gesture likely to harm the dignity or physical or psychological integrity of a person or to cause them to act against their will by means of force or intimidation. This definition also includes any act or gesture likely to damage the equipment at its disposal and misuse of the premises belonging to the Caribou à lunettes and the building landlord.

The user agrees to:

• demonstrate good citizenship;
• be courteous and respectful towards staff members and other users;
• use appropriate language and tone of voice;
• use only the space necessary out of respect for other users;
• comply with the document loan rules set out above;
• have appropriate clothing;
• respect the opening and closing hours;
• take care of the collection and equipment;
• keep library materials in good condition. Do not annotate, pencil, highlight, cut, tear, dent or damage the documents;
• comply with the consultation conditions specific to certain categories of documents;
• respect copyright and release Caribou à lunettes from any liability resulting from a violation of the law;
• respect licenses for the use of electronic and audiovisual resources;
• leave the documents consulted on top of bookcases or tables before leaving;
• do not eat or drink on the premises;
• make good use of computer equipment made available to users;
• not to modify at any time and in any case the configuration of computer stations;
• leave the premises clean before leaving.

AUGUST 4, 2022