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William, Magicien

Alain M. Bergeron, Mika

Québec Amérique
Collection: La classe de madame Isabelle - T. 8

ISBN 9782764447604

Madame Isabelle is a teacher who is a bit of a magician. In their class, each student can live an adventure in the shoes of the character of their choice. William does not really know what he wants to do, but the magic of Madame Isabelle inspires him...

His mission: to entertain those who have come to see him!

Appearances and disappearances, drawings that come to life. Mr. William the magician captivates the crowd, but above all, he changes the life of the little girl he has chosen as his assistant. One day, in turn, this girl will do a lot for him. Who is she really? It does not take more for William to understand what he wants to do as a job.

From 6 yo

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