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Stéphanie Boyer, Elisa Gonzalez

Les 400 coups

ISBN 9782895409236

A few minutes from entering the stage, a little girl is tormented by stage fright. Will she forget her steps? Freeze in place like a statue in a tutu? What if onlookers booed her? Thanks to a friend, the little dancer will remember her passion for dance and thus find in herself the courage to deliver her performance.

Stéphanie Boyer's colorful and poetic writing highlights the heroine's inner reflections, allowing the reader to experience the emotions of the young dancer. The illustrations by Élisa Gonzalez, meanwhile, set a scene teeming with life where the excitement and magic of the show are palpable. Vas-y! is a luminous album that shows that courage resides above all in ourselves.

5 yo and up

Read an extract.

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