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Tuktu et Grand loup

Roxane Turcotte, Laura Giraud

Les 400 coups

ISBN 9782898152290

Tuktu the caribou is no longer afraid of the wolf. He tells how, thanks to Longbeard, he escaped Big Wolf and his pack by flying above the spruce trees. Will he be able to fly again? Who is this mysterious human he named Longbeard? And what is this strange magic for him? Here is an adventure where wild instinct and respect, fear and courage, nature and the magic of Christmas intertwine.

Roxane Turcotte and Laura Giraud offer a Christmas story off the usual trail. A story told from the point of view of a young caribou, far from the frenzy of overconsumption. The tension that exists between the caribou and the wolf gives body and force to this story where Santa Claus appears in a form imbued with authenticity and sobriety.

From 5 years old
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