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Fanny Britt, Isabelle Arsenault

La Pastèque

ISBN 9782897771089

Meet Truffe, Louis's little brother in Louis undercover.
This new book brings together three stories:

Truffe rockstar: Truffe dreams of forming a group with Flo and Ryad, his best friends. He already sees them in stage costume, delighting crowds around the world with their epic songs. Well, first you have to learn to play an instrument... but that's a detail.

​Truffe loves Nina: Since Truffe and Nina are in love, they have become shy and no longer know how to talk to each other. It was so much easier when they were friends! Supported by the judicious advice of his parents, his big brother Louis, his friend Ryad and even the man from the library, Truffe slowly learns to let his heart speak...

Truffe before existence: Truffe's great-grandmother has just died at the age of ninety-nine. On the day of the funeral, Truffe begins to contemplate the world around him with heightened sensitivity - have grandpas ever been babies? Does Rocket, the dog he almost had, think of him sometimes? Do people stop loving each other when they no longer see each other?

From 7 yo

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