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Socialement génial

Stéphanie Deslauriers, Mao

Midi Trente

ISBN 9782923827520

Tips and tricks to develop your social skills

Whatever the era in which he lived, Humans have always been what is called a social being. Even today, they join other people of thier kind (even if sometimes they prefer their dog, cat or iPod!) to learn, play, laugh, collaborate, confide, evolve, work, share their passions, ideas and thoughts…

But let's talk about you. What kind of social bug are you? In relation to others, are you rather clumsy or assertive? Sociable or reserved? Conventional or eccentric?

And above all, do you want to develop tips to get along better with others? To help you resolve your conflicts? To make friends more easily or simply to gain confidence in your social relationships?

10 yo and up

Have a look at the book.

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