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Si tu pleures comme une fontaine

Noemi Vola

Monsieur Ed

ISBN  9782924663257

Have you ever shed tears? Yes of course! Everyone cries, it's inevitable! There are even several reasons to cry. You can cry with joy, pain or rage. We can cry because we are emotional or tired. Sometimes we cry without really knowing why. Crying releases tension and improves mood. Since crying is part of life, why not take advantage of it to cry better? Yes, yes, cry better!

Join an inconsolable worm and a clumsy narrator as they explore the different ways tears can be used in unusual and practical ways. As for boiling pasta when you have a little peckish or to make an ice rink in winter.

In this hilarious and quirky album, the author emphasizes that crying is a universal language and that tears are essential to the survival of humanity, because without them, the rivers would dry up.

In Si tu pleures comme une fontaine is embodied the fine and effective humor of Noemi Vola. A picture book that plays down tears and welcomes them with open arms instead of drying them out at all costs.

3 years old and up

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