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S’engager en amitié

Camille Toffoli

Collection Radar

ISBN 9782897198503

“Deep friendships often have something unconditional, and this is what gives them their strength.”

A place of great freedom, sharing and intimacy, friendships come in all kinds of forms. Whether they are brief or long-term, they shape us as individuals. In a very original and taboo-free essay where testimonies and personal experience intersect, Camille Toffoli wanted to show how friendships can influence our individual journeys and play a political role, because they have the potential to transform the world in which we evolve.

If friendships can hurt or grow, they can radically change our outlook on the world. Why not give friendship back a central place in our society? Committing to friendship is an invitation to explore the strength of friendships and reveal their full emancipatory potential.

From 14 years old

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