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Marianne Ferrer

Monsieur Ed

ISBN 9782924663042

A love story that crosses the mountains, a passionate grandfather and the legacy of a mother... Marianne Ferrer weaves a tender and intimate fresco in a superb book-object that traces the defining moments of her family history. She transcends time and delves into the source of her identity, where her roots are anchored.

When she was little in Venezuela, Marianne Ferrer got very angry when called Mariana. Her first name, she cares about it and it has a whole story! Her grandfather had wanted to give the first name Marianne to his daughter, born July 14, the day of the storming of the Bastille, a symbolic date in France. For him, the Marianne of the French nation embodied strength and courage. He eventually named her Maria Liliana. He died when Maria Liliana was still a child, leaving a huge empty space. But she appointed her own daughter Marianne to pass on the sensitive and creative spirit of her grandfather. Marianne carries this story and this heritage with pride. Racines (Roots) is a tribute to those who made her what she is today.

2016 Expozine Award - Best graphic novel
Selected for the 2018 dPictus 100 Outstanding Picturebooks Exhibition

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