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Quincaillerie Miville

Alexandre Côté-Fournier, Geneviève Bigué

La courte échelle
Collection noire

ISBN 9782897744199

Alexis spends Halloween night with her cousins ​​Clara and Pierre-Luc. On the menu: movies and horror stories. Alex has a great story his dad told him about a few days before. Jacques Miville, the former hardware store in the village, was supposedly a murderer. He apparently had a hobby of cutting up his victims and making their bodies disappear. However, before the police could even prove anything, a fire ravaged the hardware store, taking with it the alleged criminal and his secrets. Since then, a legend claims that if you dial the old number of the hardware store, the ghost of Miville answers. The three cousins ​​are tempted to check if the legend is true... An effective ghost story that does not make you want to disturb ghosts.

9 years old and up

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Quebec Booksellers Award 2023, Category Youth 6-11 years old

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