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Poussière d'été

Joanie Boutin

La courte échelle

ISBN 9782897746063

Eighteen-year-old Maëllie was the victim of a serious road accident in which she lost her best friend. Since then, she no longer recognizes herself. To escape the stifling concern of her parents and forget her distressing return to college, the young woman decides to spend the summer with her grandmother, in a coastal village in Maine.

There, she meets a group of boys who know nothing about the tragedy she experienced. At the seaside, surrounded by her new friends, and a certain Oliver with whom she forms closer ties, Maëllie rebuilds herself little by little. But past events, especially those she never wanted to face, refuse to be silenced.

A story of love, friendship and resilience that carries us away in a tidal wave of emotions.

14 years old and up

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