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Pourquoi les filles ont mal au ventre

Lucile de Pesloüan, Geneviève Darling


ISBN 9782924769065

Pourquoi les filles ont mal au ventre (What makes girls sick and tired) is a feminist manifesto that denounces the discomforts women feel, from childhood to adulthood, in a society that does not spare them. Lucile de Pesloüan wrote this text as a fanzine in 2014. Several hundred copies sold later, the work is published as an illustrated book with an enriched text, supported by realistic and powerful illustrations by Geneviève Darling.

Pourquoi les filles ont mal au ventre? invites adolescents to question themselves about the situations of sexism that girls experience on a daily basis. The book raises awareness of the inequalities that women suffer, here or elsewhere, with illustrations without taboos, which tell a complex and heterogeneous reality.

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