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Nos jours brûlés

Laura Nsafou

Albin Michel

ISBN 9782226460349

2049. For twenty years, the sun has disappeared and the world has been plunged into darkness. The flora and fauna have gradually adapted, and the nocturnal species, multiplied. For humans, enlightenment, food and survival have become daily challenges.

Elikia, born shortly after the coming of the Great Night, and her mother Diba, made it their mission to bring daylight back to the world. Convinced that the disappearance of the sun is linked to that of Juddu, an ancient and mysterious city having sheltered spirits and individuals endowed with powers, both crisscross the African continent where they originate in search of testimonies. The stories gleaned from the Ancients lead them to Adamaoua, a mountain where no sane soul would dare to venture.

After the brutal loss of her mother, Elikia goes to meet the Scout, one of the only survivors of the Juddu massacre. By her side, she will discover that she can use magic, and also that the two marks encrusted on her left cheek unwillingly link her to Guddi, the deity responsible for the disappearance of the sun. Will the young girl manage to free herself from the hold that night has over her in order to respect her mother's last wish: to continue their quest?

From 15 yo

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