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Tome 2: Les aurores boréales

Isabelle Picard

Les Malins

ISBN 9782898100949

The decision is made. The entire Mckenzie family moved to Wendake, near Quebec. Leaving Matimekush, nature, their friends, their school and their entire universe promises to be quite a challenge for Éloïse and Léon. Between adapting to this world so different from theirs, the desire to make new friends and the need to keep ties with old ones, everything is going too fast. Even more, many challenges await the twins…

At school, a student took a dislike to Éloïse and she must deal with this difficult situation. Léon, meanwhile, doubts his talents as a hockey player: is he really talented or was he the best at Matimekush only because the competition was less strong?

In the heart of the storm, the fact remains that Léon and Éloïse can always count on each other as well as on their family and friends. Over the pages, the mystery unfolds and we discover the twins in a different light. What if life down south wasn't so different after all?

11 yo and up

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