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T.1: Le nord et le sud

Isabelle Picard

Les Malins

ISBN 9782898100239

Nish: Innu word meaning "two". This word is also intimately linked to the way of being indigenous in all its singularity.

Léon and Éloïse have a life that is out of the ordinary. First of all, they're twins. Living in pairs as a teenager is not always easy. In Matimekush, an Innu community in northern Quebec, their daily lives will be forever changed. A mysterious disappearance in the village will lead them to understand the fragility that surrounds them, the territory and its dangers.

While doing work for the school, Éloïse makes a most disturbing discovery. Through discussions with her kukum, she lifts the veil on the history of her people: their victories, but also their lost battles. Éloïse and her two best friends will do everything to make these injustices known.

Léon, on the other hand, spends all his free time playing hockey. However, his community does not have enough players to allow him to thrive in a top league. How can he prove to everyone that he has the talent of a great player?

The twins' lives are turned upside down when their father learns that he has a serious illness and that he must seek treatment in Quebec, far, far from his family: 942 kilometers to the south, to be exact. Will Léon and Éloïse be able to unite to go through this ordeal?

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