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Ma vie de gâteau sec
Tome 1

Elizabeth Baril-Lessard

Les Malins

ISBN 9782896579006

For Louane, dancing is his whole life. Dancing is what makes her feel good, to feel strong, to feel in her place. But one day, during a performance in front of hundreds of people, her throat dries up, her vision blurs, her heart pounding ... and she collapses. A few doctor's appointments later, it gets the label of anxiety disorder. Louane falls from above: she has no other choice but to give up her passion.

Having to occupy the class hours usually dedicated to dance with something else, she reluctantly takes refuge in the library. She is far from suspecting that she will meet Theo there, another left behind. His head is full of ideas, while Louane has always focused on just one side of his personality. Through this friendship, these two misunderstoods will learn to redefine their identities and to open up to new horizons.

Ages 12 and up

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