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Ma plus belle victoire

Gilles Tibo, Geneviève Després

Québec Amérique

ISBN 9782764413227

One morning I went to the lake with my dad. I ran, barefoot, through the grass. And suddenly, for the first time in my life, I encountered Fear… It had taken the form of a snake. It was cold and it was wriggling under my toes. I screamed very loudly. The snake ran away, but Fear had just curled up behind my navel. I did not swim. I took my father's hand. We walked under tall trees. The cicadas were singing. The sun was shining. Dad was whistling because he was happy. Me, my heart pounding, I watched where I was stepping. The fear slowly faded, very slowly... And suddenly, nothing! My stomach became empty of Fear. I thought it was gone forever. But I didn't know her well yet...

6 years old and up

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