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Ma maison-tête



ISBN 9782924984376

After returning from a movie night, Vincent can tell his mom about the movie in great detail. But when he has to recite a memorized fable in front of his class... nothing comes to him. It's because his head house is so big that he often gets lost in it!

A story that explores Attention Deficit Disorder.

TD Award 2021 - Winner
Harry Black Award 2021 - Winner

Shaken by this hard landing, I walk to the blackboard. Everyone is looking at me. I open my mouth. Nothing comes out. Nothing at all. This fable that I was reciting as one breathes barely an hour ago, I don't even have a single syllable left. I look around the class trying to find the beginning of a sentence. There are so many students, furniture and objects... So many things circling around me... It's a mess.

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