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T. 10: L'histoire de Nathan

Bruno Dequier


ISBN 9791034763054

The ambulance rushes towards its destination. On board, a boy in very bad shape: multiple fractures and head trauma. This adventure begins with the terrible accident that happened to Nathan, this young man who had a magnificent future as a professional football player ahead of him.

But what happened in the days leading up to this tragedy?

What tricks by Iceman, the unscrupulous businessman, and Duraton, the school principal, influenced the disaster? And the "accidents" that occurred to Nathan's teammates: are they really? And what role did the two thugs who harassed Nathan play? And Brane, the hitman? And Louca: what is he doing in this adventure?

The answers to these questions can be found in volume 10 of this thrilling series. Finally, Nathan's story is told chronologically and in great detail.

Dès 9 ans

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