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L'incroyable histoire du chiffre trois

Danielle Chaperon, Agathe Bray-Bourret

Monsieur Ed

ISBN 9782924663219

It's a nice evening under the tent. The public is delirious and the master of ceremonies is about to start the long-awaited show: the story of the incredible, the miraculous, the breathtaking number 3!

But the poor man can't do his presentation, because he keeps being interrupted by two annoying characters: Mouse who questions EVERYTHING and Monkey with a VERY fertile imagination. Why would the number 3 get ALL the attention? It is UNFAIR! Monkey and Mouse therefore take control of the show. They will lead readers and the poor master of ceremonies to follow them through the twists and turns of an unconventional story. Stay tuned, who knows, it might come in handy!

A quirky and fun story that will make young and old alike laugh!

From 5 yo

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