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Les visages de l'écoanxiété

Inês Lopes

Collection Radar

ISBN 9782897199104

No one can take the entire environmental cause on their shoulders. Together, we can change the course of things.

Have you ever had insomnia thinking about drought or gigantic forest fires? Or felt a certain anxiety or despair about the scale of climate change? The ecological crisis also affects our mental and physical health, which is called ecoanxiety.

Very present among young people, ecoanxiety has multiple faces. This essay helps to recognize the symptoms and various manifestations, to mitigate its impacts and regain better mental health. It also offers concrete tools to help reduce the effects of ecoanxiety. And to avoid finding yourself paralyzed by helplessness, Inês Lopes offers a plea for collective commitment. Because a single person cannot take the entire environmental cause on their shoulders.

From 14 years old

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