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Les Prank: 1er round

Matthieu Simard

Les Malins

ISBN 9782898102769

Charlotte Prank and her brother, Fox Prank, spend their lives playing tricks on each other.

Every evening, he undoes the corner of her fitted sheet; she takes revenge by dropping bird seed on his fan's vanes; he retaliates by surprising her with the Russian can.

One day, their father captures one of their bad moves on video and publishes it on YouTube. Against all odds, the video goes viral and the Pranks immediately become web stars.

Charlotte, who has lived with a disability since birth, is reluctant to take advantage of this sudden fame, for she fears that her prosthesis will be made fun of. Her brother nevertheless manages to convince her, but the public does not react as expected...

Their war, which had hitherto been sympathetic, then took on extreme proportions. Will they be able to stop before their game becomes really dangerous?

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