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Les Chats Venturiers

Stéphanie Dunand-Pallaz, Sophie Turrel

Balivernes Editions

ISBN 9782350672045

Once upon a time there were two kittys without limit
in constant search of new adventures.
Intrepid, astute, nothing stopped them.
These explorers were the Venturer cats!

The venturer cats have always loved to go on expeditions, find lost treasures or explore all continents. After several trips during which they meet the Chat Mouraï in Japan, the Chat Viré on an island lost in the ocean or the Chat Peaud'cowboy in the Far West, their new adventure takes them to Egypt.

Find the tomb of the most mysterious of the pharaohs: that of Toutenchaton. Thanks to the research of professor Chat Nubis, they will discover the lost pyramid. But trapped in its very dark labyrinth, will they find the Pharaoh's treasure and especially the exit?

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