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Le vieillard et l'enfant

Gabrielle Roy, Dominique Fortier, Rogé
Chansons Daniel Lavoie, Dominique Fortier, Christian Vézina
Narration Marie-Thérèse Fortin
Interprètes Daniel Lavoie, Ingrid St-Pierre, Alexandre Désilets, Les Soeurs Boulay

La Montagne secrète

ISBN 9782924774564

Christine lived in a small town under the endless skies of Manitoba where time passed the slowest in the world in the great heat of summer. She explored the streets on roller skates or on stilts, to go faster or see further. One morning, under the leaves of a small maple tree, she discovered an old man, Mr. Saint-Hilaire, who invited her to spend a whole day on the shores of Lake Winnipeg. A universal picture book full of poetry which focuses on childhood, friendship and the attraction to the great outdoors.

7 years old and up

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