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Le tiroir des bas tout seuls


Les 400 coups

ISBN 9782898152511

But where do all those lost socks go? Those who were in the washing machine, but who never came out. In shock after discovering a drawer full of socks alone, young Louis and Madeleine conduct an investigation. On their way, they question their friends, their teachers and even a cat. Some argue that the socks are eaten by the dryer monster, others that gnomes are responsible for their disappearance. The riddle won't be easy to solve, but the brother-sister duo is ready to do anything to find the culprit.

After the great success of La fin des poux?, Orbie returns with an investigative album with the humor, freshness and sense of observation that she's known for. After all, who has never lost a sock inside their own home and never found it? Mysterious, isn't it?

From 5 years old

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