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Le monde paranormal d'Odile
T.1 Bloody Lily

Ariane Charland

Michel Quintin

ISBN 9782897626136

Odile Paradis has a gift. She sees ghosts. At least one... It's Wendy, a young girl who died more than 300 years ago with whom she befriended. Having a ghost around isn't always relaxing, especially when everyone thinks you're talking to yourself!

This year, Odile is starting grade 9 at a new school, and she's determined to make friends flesh and bone. Her wish seems granted when Marie-Charlotte, who is called a witch, takes her under her wing. She even invites her to a party! That evening, the new friends are dragged into the nearby cemetery by a gang of girls with bad intentions. Soon, they inadvertently summon the spirit of Bloody Lily, a teenager who died at their age and doesn't hear a laugh at all. Odile, Wendy and Marie-Charlotte seem to be the only ones who can stop her, but how do you go about confronting a demonic spirit?

11 years old and up

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