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Le Grain de sable

Webster, Valmo


ISBN 9782897910815

Olivier Le Jeune: first slave in Canada
Originally from the island of Madagascar, Olivier Le Jeune arrived in Quebec City in 1629 as a slave. He was 10 years old.
Beyond his status as a slave, he was the first person of African descent to live permanently in Canada. This book, inspired by what he really lived, follows the journey of Olivier Le Jeune, from his capture in Madagascar until his arrival in Quebec City. We learn how he was able to adapt to his new reality in the early days of New France.

To really appreciate the depth of this story, don't just read it. Sing it. Rap it the way Webster would do it.

Ages 8 and up

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Semaine après semaine,
nourri de bouillie et de pain sec.
On m'a déshabillé, tâté et puis pesé,
échangé pour une poignée de pièces.

J'ai franchi la porte du non-retour,
quitté l'Afrique pour repartir vers l'Inconnu.
Avec toujours le bruit des vagues
assourdi par celui de l'agonie.

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