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Le garçon aux pieds à l'envers

François Blais


ISBN 9782762145496

Friendship is merciless.
Disappearing in a village as small as Saint-Sévère is highly unlikely. However, on this hot day, Joey Laforme is nowhere to be found.

Adrienne Ferron, 14, is the only one to notice the absence of her little neighbour, whose parents, moreover, would never win the trophy for parents of the year. According to her exclusive conception of friendship, Adrienne first sees in this disappearance a convincing pretext to spend time with her friend Léonie, who has come specially from the city to help her see things more clearly.

With Joey's backpack and the reception of strange text messages, the two friends are quickly convinced that it is not just a bad joke: the little one is really in danger!

The unexpected return of a friend from childhood with cruel inclinations and the intervention of a demon hunter confirm their suspicions and transform this disappearance into an investigation at the frontiers of the paranormal. And in this world of pretense, how far is Adrienne ready to go to save Joey?

From 13 yo

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