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Laisse-moi t'expliquer l'autisme

Stéphanie Deslauriers

Midi Trente

ISBN 9782923827285

Living with a “different” little brother is not always easy!

This book is a “non-fiction scrapbook” for school-aged children – and their parents. The book is very colorful and, a bit like a scrapbook made by a child, it presents the story of a young girl whose little brother has autism spectrum disorder (ASD); Leo is autistic.

In a simple and fun way, Coralie tries to explain, in her own words, what autism is and how she lives with having a little brother who is different from the others. She tells how the daily family unfolds, the difficulties encountered, her questions and also her fears. Embellished with a number of wise tips and advice and illustrations created by children, this popular work is expressly designed to appeal to young people and to help them live better or better understand differences.

6 yo and up

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