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La plus haute branche

Hélène de Blois, Émilie Leduc

Monsieur Ed

ISBN 9782924663233

Perched on the highest branch of her monstrous tree — a giant twice the size of a diplodocus — Elsa spys on the neighborhood and spends her days imagining the beginning of the world. The time when the earth was just a cold, empty desert and when the Moon, alone in the sky, was bored. Her tree already existed in the time before time, when saber-toothed tigers and mammoths in woolen coats ruled the roost.

Despite the ugly bumps and scars covering its body, her friend is still proud and strong as a mountain. Every day, Elsa observes the birds, squirrels and ants moving about in the foliage. Today, she even wants to build a raft there to spend the night. But now her father forbids her to go back. "Why"? she asks him? The answer goes through her heart like a dagger...

5 years old and up

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