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La plus grosse poutine du monde

Andrée Poulin

Bayard Canada


Thomas has few memories of his mother. He only remembers that for his fifth birthday, she made him the best poutine in the world. The next day she was gone. She never came back.

To celebrate his fourteenth birthday, Thomas decides to submit an idea to the Guinness Book of Records. Helped by his best friend Samuel and his soccer team, he will cook the biggest poutine in the world. If her record goes around the world, her mother will find out and she will come back.

He then went in search of sponsors. The cheese maker agrees to help him, on the condition that he takes his daughter Elijah on board the project. He then tries to convince the mayor that the arena is the ideal place to prepare the 600 kilos of poutine and serve the consumers. Mrs. Tartacheff is not thrilled with the idea of ​​​​squeezing junk food into it. Thomas and his friends hatch the wildest plans to overcome these obstacles, but revelations come to call the project into question.

Title of the Zèbre collection for chilly readers, with visual additions.
10 years old and up
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