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J'avais tout prévu sauf les bélugas

Andrée Poulin

Bayard Canada

ISBN 9782897701826

Shortly after setting the Guinness World Record for the largest poutine in the world, Thomas is obsessed with the desire to get in touch with his mother who abandoned him ten years ago.

He feels neglected by his friends whose new passions he does not share: Élie leads a campaign to denounce the effects of pollution on the health of belugas, and Sam dreams of creating a viral video. When Thomas finds out that his mother is also an advocate for beluga whales, he hatches a plan that will force her to talk to him. But nothing goes as planned.

The sequel to La plus grosse poutine du monde, which can also be read on its own!

Title of the Zèbre collection for the cautious reader, with visual additions.
From 10 years old.

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