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J'aime pas ta robe

Danielle Chaperon, Samuel Cantin

Monsieur Ed

ISBN 9782924663264

"I don't like your dress!"
"Me, I don't like your shoes!"

This begins a surprising and touching verbal contest between the characters (with no specific names). While the girl proclaims herself queen of the moon, the boy becomes a monster whose favorite snack is none other than the moon queens! The competition thickens as one says he owns a dog with multiple world records and the other a platypus so knowledgeable that he won the Nobel Prize for EVERYTHING!

Through their exchanges resembling "My father is stronger than yours!”, girl and boy will discover that they share complementary imaginations as well as a great bond. It is then that, under the influence of honesty, their rivalry will turn into friendship.

In J'aime pas ta  robe, we follow the detours often taken to demonstrate interest in the other. When shyness and awkwardness combine, it can be difficult to identify and communicate feelings. That's why, in the maze of our emotions, a "Do you want to play with me?" becomes a "I don't like your dress!"

J'aime pas ta robe also celebrates children's own imagination, their inventiveness, their sense of repartee and exaggeration.

5 years old and up

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