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Frida, la reine des couleurs

Sophie Faucher, Cara Carmina


ISBN 9782924959367

On the occasion of Children's Day, Frida is having a big fiesta to which she has invited all her friends. As she decorates with Tonito, she discovers that he hid the fact that he cannot see colors from her. For Frida, life without colors is unthinkable. She takes her friend to their neighborhood in Coyoacán, and tells him about the hues of houses, flowers, trees, and even candy, to make him see them with her own eyes. The result will be funny and unexpected!

A very nice story to talk about the difference.
This time, the adventure is completely invented by the duo Faucher/Carmina, after Frida, c'est moi et Moi, c'est Frida.

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