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Frida, c'est moi

Sophie Faucher, Cara Carmina


ISBN 9782924720035

If the works of Frida Kahlo are well known to the general public, including her magnificent self-portraits revealing her dark beauty and her flowery hair, her life may be less. Yet her extraordinary destiny was marked by intense physical suffering which she transcended through the love of her art.

In this book intended for a young audience, Sophie Faucher lends her voice to Frida the child who tells about herself through the joys and sorrows of her daily life. The deep texts, imbued with disarming naivety and great tenderness are magnified by the richly colored illustrations by Cara Carmina. Here is a story that encourages reflection on self-acceptance, respect for difference, while arousing unexpected emotion and a great desire to know more about this exceptional woman and artist.

Sophie Faucher reads her story here.

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