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Fanny Cloutier
ou l'année où j'ai failli rater mon adolescence

Stéphanie Lapointe, Marianne Ferrer

Les Malins

ISBN 9782898101472

My name is Fanny Cloutier.

I'm fourteen, almost fifteen, but not really to be honest. The two things I do best in life are drawing and enduring (yes ENDURING) father's eccentric decisions.

*** Uh. Who am I talking to, actually? ***
If you are reading these lines, my journal:

A) fell in the metro (well, I never take the metro, what am I talking about).

B) Worse. It slipped out of my bag, right in front of the school entrance (OMG, please no!!)

C) Or catastrophe of international type: it is that YOU ARE MY FATHER.

This year, I'm a half a hair away from missing my teenage years and I know only one thing for sure: without you, diary, I would NEVER have done it.

12 yo and up
First volume in a series of 4

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