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Et le ciel se voila de fureur

Taï-Marc Le Thanh

École des loisirs

ISBN 9782211318204

Abigail, Lisbeth, Samantha, Ellen, Maureen and Anton: in a wagon heading for the Wild West, they are five girls and a blind boy, who form a family of children lost and collected by Hidalgo, a fine French trigger who would never resolve to abandon orphans to their fate. Dreaming of a new world and of escaping their destiny, they set out to conquer the West, while learning to defend themselves against the many dangers of these lands where men are no less wild than animals. But the ghosts of the past are on their heels, and life will be a merciless battle for them.

From 14 yo

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Il paraît que les femmes ont une place en ce monde, mais qu’elles mettront un peu plus de temps à la trouver. 

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