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Entre le lapin et le renard

Nathalie Lagacé

Éditions de l'Isatis

ISBN 9782925088592

Entre le lapin et le renard defeats the traps of manipulators who know how to play with their prey so well by being sometimes a nice rabbit and sometimes a shrewd fox to better isolate their victims, belittle them and dominate them.

Nathalie Lagacé wanted to “sharpen the radar of anyone who has to deal with a manipulative person. Unmask danger before it strikes. Foxes also roam the path of friendship, work, family. They have a very strong charm and anyone can get caught in it."

The choice of words and illustrations by Nathalie Lagacé and the benevolence she shows towards the young victim make this graphic novel a work of compassion and kindness towards oneself.

From 12 yo

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2023 Espiègle Award - Category 12-17 years old

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