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De son oeil

Maryse Pagé

Leméac Jeunesse

ISBN 9782760942547

Anju, a lonely and introverted teenager, internally addresses Noah, the most popular student in his school, whom he considers his ideal: handsome, brilliant, leader, athletic, ambitious, empathetic. A person he admires, who he seeks to get closer to, who he would like to be like. Until the merger.

Anju offers Noah remedial math in exchange for basketball lessons. He monitors his publications on social networks and bonds with Mégane, who resists the advances of this more-than-perfect being. A student trip to New York offers him the perfect opportunity to spy closer on his idol and his fervent admirers. His plan seems to be working: Noah gradually takes him under his wing and introduces him to rap music. A disturbing event, however, puts a brake on his obsession and opens his eyes to the lure of appearances.

For 14 yo +

Espiègle Award 2022 - Québec School Libraries

Je réponds ce que tu aurais répondu. Ce qu'un ado normal aurait répondu. Ce que le gars le plus populaire de l'école, toi, aurait répondu. Ce que ma mère aimerait que je réponde. Tout ça, en tentant de ne pas détourner le regard. Me retenant de pianoter dans le vide, une manie que ma mère associe à mon anxiété et qui me revient de temps en temps. 

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