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C'est mon piano, monsieur!

Ana Gerhard, Marie Lafrance, Benoît Brière, I Musici

La Montagne secrète

ISBN 9782924774892

Travel back in time to meet Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart by following Minime, a charming little mouse who loves cheese and music!

On the quay of a port, it is freezing cold when a boy arrives in a white wig and dressed in a red velvet coat. With the members of his family, he comes to give a concert in a foreign city. To the surprise of the disgruntled customs officer and the scowling dockers, the young musician takes his violin out of a case and begins to play, accompanied by his sister on the piano. The cold, fatigue and bad humor disappear as if by magic thanks to this kid who will illuminate this gray icy day with his music!

The illustrated tale, followed by explanatory notes on the composer and his work, is accompanied by a disc with the narration of the tale and the interpretation of the play "A little night music" (Eine Kleine Nachtmusik).

Series: Petites histoires de grands compositeurs

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