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Valérie Picard

Monsieur Ed
Juin 2022

ISBN 9782924663202

Boumbidoum is a DingPlouf. They came to earth following an epidemic of giggles that had the effect of overpopulating their planet, Badabang. Far from their family and friends, Boumbidoum is bored. They would like to play with you, and they loooove to transform! But be careful… Above all, don't make them laugh! Go ahead, ask them to turn into a triangle!

This interactive, funny and playful book invites readers to blow, pat, tap and recite formulas to have fun with Boumbidoum. As anything can happen with a DingPlouf, the results are sometimes surprising!

However, remember that DingPloufs are special beings. When they laugh, they multiply! Will it be possible to prevent these friendly furballs from invading our planet before the end of the story?

From 2 years old

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