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Stéphanie Deslauriers

Midi Trente

ISBN 9782923827391

Do you sometimes face intense personal challenges? Do you sometimes doubt your abilities? Do you compare yourself to others (finding them better than you)? Anyway, how are you, on the “self-esteem” side? The power is yours! You can meet your challenges. You can perfect your skills, but most of all, you can develop good self-esteem, have confidence in your abilities and simply appreciate your personality.

In this book you will meet four wonderful young people who are very different from each other, but who have one thing in common: they all have to face certain challenges related to self-esteem. You'll see: they all look like you in their own way! You will also be able to answer questionnaires, fill out observation grids and even establish contracts with yourself, all with a very specific goal: to feel good about yourself and better equipped to meet the small and big challenges of life.

Ages 8 and up

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